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Let’s start with the basics; why is brushing your hair so important?

#1- detangles, allowing hair to dry without being tangled within itself, potentially causing breakage

#2- stimulates the scalp which promotes blood flow, which can in turn actually promote growth

#3- helps distribute natural oils from the scalp throughout the hair


For the next question; what makes a wet brush different from a regular hair brush?

Hair is at its weakest point when it is wet. Although the name of this brush is Wet Brush, it can be used on both wet & dry hair. The bristles on a wet brush are firm but yet still flexible enough the get into the tangles without pulling or breaking the hair. They also have “SofTips”, which is their own invention. It is on the end of each bristle to stop the hair from snagging so it can glide through gently. This makes it painless, easier and with less breakage when brushing through your hair, especially when it is wet.

Now onto the fun stuff…

Wet Brush already comes in a very wide variety of brush shapes (detangling, styling etc.), colours and designs, but they are now coming out with DISNEY THEMED designs on their wet brushes! So if you have a child (or for yourself), who is a fan of Disney but not of brushing your hair, this product is for you!

Disney Wet Brushes
                                                                                                                             Disney Wet Brushes

Keep your eyes out for these in the salon, as they are COMING SOON and will sell quickly!