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Luminary Services

What is Luminary?

Luminary services

A  hybrid gel that provides the strength of hard gel but the flexibility of soft. Only requiring gentle preparation, Luminary promotes the growth of the natural nail while enjoying a long-lasting beautiful manicure.

Luminary Gel Polish Manicure: $45

A step up from your typical gel polish, Luminary Gel Polish Manicures provide the support your natural nail needs to go about daily tasks with ease. Have the strength without the bulk! Best for Perfect for medium to strengthen nails.

Luminary Overlay: $50

With all the benefits of extensions, Overlays structure the nail using your natural shape and length and helps to grow them out without any added strain. Grow long beautiful nails from a short active length! Perfect for weak to medium strength nails.

Luminary Extensions: $70

Not content with your current length? Extensions have all the benefits of overlays with the option to add as much length as you want. Keep them an active short square, or go with full stiletto, the choice is up to you! Perfect for medium to strong strength nails. (Prices are subject to change due to length.)

Fills: $50

After 2-3 weeks of your initial application of an overlay or extensions, it’s recommended to come in for what’s called a fill. This involves removing partial or all of your current nail art, preparing the cuticle area, and filling in the back of the nail for 2-3 weeks of more wear!

Nail Art

Chrome – $5 for a full set
Gems – $5+
Hand Painting – Simple $10  Complex $30
Stamping $5+
Glitter $5 then $2 per every new glitter
Simple french/ombre is included with the base price!
~ Everyone’s nail growth is different and you may find you need to come in sooner or later depending on how your nails grow out.
~ If the nail has grown out past a certain point, an almost full removal will be required and it will be seen as a full removal and new application of a full set.