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Waxing in Guelph

Waxing Services

Please note that prices vary on which level the Esthetician is at based on experience.

Eyebrow shaping $13 -18

Lip $6- 11

Chin/Jawline $10 – 15

Complete Face (Brow, lip & jaw line) $20 – 28

Underarms $14 – 22

1/2 Arm $22 – 30 (waxing only)

Full Arm $30 – 38 (waxing only)

1/2 Leg $26 – 34 (waxing only)

Full Leg (includes complimentary bikini wax) $65 – 75 (waxing only)

Bikini $17 – 26

Extended Bikini (includes extended sides and top) $20 – 28

Brazilian $40 – 52 (waxing only)

Men’s Chest/ Abdomen $30 – 38 (waxing only)

Men’s Back $30 – 38 (waxing only)

Please keep in mind that the hair must be at least 1/4 inch long for best results. Notify the Esthetician if you are diabetic or on any medications that may thin the skin.

Waxing Tips

  • Try to stop shaving approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment. the longer the hair, the longer your results will last.
  • You may wish to take a Tylenol before your appointment if your pain tolerance is low.
  • After you have had waxing it is advised that you avoid tight clothing in the waxed area, avoid any excessive (hot tubs, saunas, tanning booths, etc.)
  • Keep the area clean
  • Apply a skin soother such as Aloe Vera or Vitamin E gel
  • As the hair begins to grow back in, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin can help prevent ingrown hairs
woman with smooth waxed legs in Guelph, Ontario

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