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Permed Hair

Perm Hair
Permed Hair

Spring is a perfect time if you are thinking of a permed hair style. In the past professional hair stylists have been hesitant to add a second chemical process to colour treated hair. Recently Manufactures like Olaplex and Redken have developed revolutionary treatments that can reform the structural bonds that give hair strength. This development has revolutionized the hair industry and is a game changer. With a frequent home regime of protein treatments, a client can keep their hair healthy, shiny and balanced. At Fresh Salon and Spa we call that shared responsibility and will only execute a perm with the assurance that the customer understands the importance of home hair care.

Curly perms or wavy perms on short or long hair can give you an easy hairstyle for the summer. Products like Redken’s Curvasceous or Beach Envy are specifically designed to keep the curl defined and controlled. It may not be a wash and wear styling but with using the Curl Refiner and the CC Spray, it’s as close as you get.

Permed hair is best when it is trimmed 6 to 7 weeks after the service. The curls are revitalized and spring back into place. After twelve weeks or so the hair has grown one to two inches and you may notice the perm is extended from the root.  The perm result is actually present in the hair until it completely grows out. When this growth occurs you may take your blow dryer back out or plan for another perming service.

A perm on hair already permed can result in dryer ends. Trimming most of the first perm away is recommended as well as bond strengthening in salon treatments to give the best possible results. Women that colour occasionally is best to colour before the perm service. This seems backward because of perming changes the intensity of hair colour resulting in a faded look.  Imagine three inches of growth with colour treated mid-shaft and ends. The solution and timing for the perm has to be for colour treated hair for its integrity resulting in the new uncoloured growth not processing properly. For a successful perm the hair needs to be mostly colour treated or mostly natural.

Talk to your stylist to see if a perm is right for your texture and the overall look you want to achieve. As always take a photo of the consultation as this will let your stylist know if you are thinking a curling iron set can look like a perm. A perm may aid the curling iron set but if you are thinking the curls are washed and wear you will be disappointed. Waves produced with a perm rod are different than the look of various curl iron sets.

So now you can protect and perm your hair with confidence, spending your summer outside enjoying the sunny fun filled days.