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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Nails?

Do you have regular problems with your nails?  Well you aren’t alone.  There are a lot nail problems that people have can be solved.  Here are some of the most common problems along with their solutions.

Split Nails

Split nails is a very common problem and while for some people, a lack of nutrients may be a factor it isn’t always the case.  For a lot of people, the problem is actually regular exposure to water.  Water exposure wears down at the nail and can cause it to become weaker, and split.  The solution is to back off water exposure and moisturize your nails.  The moisturization helps to prevent the water exposure from damaging the nail.

Brittle Nails

If your nails are brittle or weak there could be several causes to this but one of the most common is that you bite your nails.  Biting your nails exposes them to water and damages them as mentioned above.  In addition though, the improper breaking of the nail that results from biting works to weaken the nail.  The solution is to stop biting and start moisturizing.  For many stopping might not be that easy though.  If you have trouble stopping biting your nails, there are products that make your nails taste bad in order to discourage you from putting them in your mouth.

Nail Fungus

Many people get nail fungi from a variety of sources.  Sometimes it is from going to the pool, other times it is from walking barefoot, other times it is from another cause all together.  Treatment for nail fungus can vary greatly.  The first place to start is an anti-fungal treatment.  There are a variety of them on the market and they can be acquired at the spa.  If an anti-fungal treatment doesn’t work you should see your doctor for recommended fixes.

Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are a common problem caused by nail biting or improper cutting of the nails.  If not treated some will go back to normal on their own.  However, that is a rare case.  For most people find regular pedicures help to keep the ingrown nails under control. Softening the tissue surrounding the nail can be done with specific ingrown nail treatments.  Sometimes ingrown nails are so severe that they will need to be removed by a physician.

These are some of the biggest problems people have with their nails.  If you have had another problem with your nails that you want to share, do so in the comments below!

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