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SPARITUAL Body Care Revamped!

Introducing Sparitual’s new revamped products! Sparitual puts great emphasis on clean, slow, beauty, providing their consumers with products that allow one to truly wind down and relax. Maybe you are wondering what they could have done to make their products better?

Other than the most obvious change, the simplistic yet beautiful new packaging, the ingredients of the products themselves have changed. The percentage of organic ingredients has actually risen with a large portion being essential oil based.

The products have a few different scent options and three are being carried here at Fresh. Citrus Cardamom, Geranium Cedar wood, and Jasmine Tuberose.

The Citrus Cardamom Collection includes a foot and hand salve, balm, and hand serum. The main scents being

  • Bergamot –Antibacterial. Anti-inflammatory
  • Orange Peel Oil- Uplifts mood
  • Cardamom – Grounding, Warming, Anti-oxidant
  • Lemon Seed Oil- Nourishing, Detoxifying

The Geranium Cedar wood Collection includes a crème, mist, salve, and a body polish. The main scents are

  • Geranium Oil –Anti-inflammatory, Eliminates dead cells, Anti-Aging
  • Cedar wood Bark Oil- Protects against environmental stressors
  • Lavender Oil- Soothing
  • Patchouli Oil- Stimulates cell renewal
  • Cinnamon Bark Oil- Smooth dry skin

The Jasmine Tuberose Collection includes a crème, mist, salve, and a body polish as well. The main scents are

  • Jasmine- Antiseptic, Relaxing
  • Tuberose- Warming, Calming
  • Clove Oil- Anti- inflammatory
  • Coriander Oil- Anti-fungal, Detoxifying
  • Rose Flower Oil- Moisturizing, Anti-aging

Book a Manicure or Pedicure at Fresh and give the new products a try!

SPARITUAL Body Care Revamped
SPARITUAL Body Care Revamped
SPARITUAL Body Care Revamped

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