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What is PSYCH-K

PSYCH-K is a simple yet powerful process to free your mind of negative beliefs that sabotage your success and happiness. PSYCH-K stands for psychological kinesiology. It’s a safe, non-invasive effective way to alter negative and limiting briefs and perceptions; dissolving resistance to change in the subconscious mind. The communication is established through muscle testing. This unique technique is designed to create a whole-brain state ideal for reprograming the mind. Using positive, life enhancing beliefs, these new ideals will support you as you move forward in life, helping to fulfill your goals and dreams.

What is PSYCH-K
What is PSYCH-K

To find out more about PSYCH-K go to PSYCH-K international.com, or call the salon at 519-823-2951 for more information or to book a session!

David Bastedo PSYCH-K Facilitator at Fresh Salon & Spa by Holly’s

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