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Skin Dream


What is cosmetic ultrasound?

Cosmetic ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment which stimulates the reproduction of skin cells as well as collagen and elastin fibres. As we age, our cellular regeneration gradually slows down and we begin to lose collagen. Over time, the use of cosmetic ultrasound can create lift in the eyebrows, neck and under the chin and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and decollete.


A brief history of ultrasound…

Ultrasound technology has been used medically to transport active ingredients into the skin (this is known as sonophoresis). Ultrasound has been proven to optimize the skin’s permeability, meaning that active ingredients penetrate deeper than they would have without the use of ultrasound.


After clients had seen the results of ultrasonic application, they noticed firmer skin with more elasticity and fewer imperfections in the areas that had been treated. Following this discovery, technicians began experimenting with different frequencies  to make the ideal cosmetic ultrasound for public use. Today, the Skin Dream is available for at home, everyday use.


How does cosmetic ultrasound stimulate collagen?

Ultrasonic waves are transmitted beyond the superficial layers of the skin. The waves travel deep into the dermis, stimulating a natural reaction within the body called neocollagenesis. Neocollagenesis occurs when old collagen is replaced by new collagen. Collagen is a fibrous protein which maintains the structure of our skin. As we age, neocollagenesis slows down. In turn, we develop fine lines, wrinkles, a less radiant complexion and lose definition overall.


The Skin Dream has multiple benefits and requires no healing time. This is because it does not damage your skin to produce results. The Skin Dream works with your body’s natural process of neocollagenesis and enhances it. You can use the skin dream at home, without the need to see a professional!


Benefits of Skin Dream


  • smooths wrinkles and fine lines 
  • tightens areas of the skin which feel slack
  • decreases the appearance of spider veins
  • decreases the appearance of couperose
  • treats rosacea without causing irritation
  • decreases the appearance of liver spots
  • decreases the appearance of uneven pigmentation
  • treats acne without causing irritation
  • helps to heal scar tissue and reduce the appearance of scars
  • helps to heal burns and reduce the scars caused by burns
  • reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  • treats cellulite
  • reduces orange-peel texture
  • helps to reduce blockages in the milk-ducts during pregnancy and breast feeding