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Facial’s to Combat Irritation Guelph

COVID-19 has presented many challenges this year with our skin. This is partially due to stressful times and wearing masks for the majority of our day.

Solutions are available at Fresh Salon and Spa

Come into our spa for a free skin consultation. We will  introduce you to many options available, creating a customized facial,                        JUST FOR YOU, using our Professional Repachage Products.

Repachage skin care products are easily absorbed into the skin. As a result of the the seaweed-base. Repachage is packed with essential vitamins , minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidents.

As well as using a fresh washcloth daily, it is important to properly cleanse and maintain the PH barrier of our skin.

 We will recommend a specialized home care regiment using or Repachage products.

If you’re troubled by these break outs and irritation, come to Fresh Salon and Spa for your customized facial!

Looking forward to helping you!