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Repechage Facials

It is no surprise that the modern world compromises our skin. Pollution, harsh chemicals, aggressive
peels, and poor diet contribute to dry, dull and thin skin. As the skin is the body’s largest organ our Spa
searched to find an effective and superior quality product line designed to repair and strengthen
enhancing the disrupted skin barrier.

Lydia Sarfati the founder and developer of Repechage has a passion and love of the beauty industry
second to none. Repechages 180 products sold in over 40 countries are made primarily of wild,
sustainably harvested seaweed that retains the greatest concentration of nutrients. This results in your
skins’ second chance.

The Esthetician’s at the Fresh Spa have been trained in the selection of the facial just for you. To
maximize your results an at-home regime will be suggested to maintain your skin’s glow until your next
salon facial experience.