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Sparitual Inhale Collection: Nourishing Vegan Colour

Many people enjoy having long, beautiful nails, which can be achieved with the help of nail extensions. But, at what cost? Nail extensions can damage the natural nail bed, leaving it dry, brittle, weak, and prone to breakage. When the nail bed is damaged it can potentially be painful as the nail has become paper thin and extra sensitive.

Sparitual Inhale Collection

Sparitual has come out with a new line of nail lacquer that is not only for looks but also beneficial in healing the natural nail. The ‘Sparitual Inhale Collection’ for spring 2017 is nourishing, revitalizing, and comes in a variety of beautiful pastel colours. This collection is fortified with Red Tea and Seaweed which aids in strengthening, hydrating, and revitalizing the nails.

The new Nourishing Vegan Colour Inhale Collection from Sparitual features Advanced Oxygen Technology. This means that the polish acts similar to how a contact lens works with the eye. The polish allows oxygen and hydration to penetrate through, which aids in the strength and nourishment of the nail. The ‘Sparitual Inhale Collection’ is lightweight and breathable and made without the use of harmful chemicals or any animal derived ingredients.

The ‘Sparitual Inhale Collection’ is also appealing to those who do not like to wear colour on their nails, as there is a clear Nourishing Vegan gloss. This clear gloss can be used alone, giving the same benefits as the coloured polish or can be used on top of a colour to give a boost of shine. Whether you are looking to strengthen your nails after damage caused by artificial nails, or just looking to boost the health of your own naturally strong nails, this line is a perfect match for you. The “Sparitual Inhale Collection’ leaves nails brighter, healthier, and just all around beautiful.


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