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Why Facials are Especially Important During the Winter Months

Winter time is usually a time when most people like to stay inside and hibernate. It is not usually
a time when people think “I am going to the spa today to get beautified.” We are, for the most part,
covered by long clothing and socks. Thus, we do not think it is necessary to go get our regular pedicures
and waxing done as often. However, our faces are still out in the elements of both the cold, crisp air
outside and the dry, heated air inside.
Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and as a result, should be taken care of with extra
love. Our skin goes through many changes throughout our lifetime. Some changes in our skin are a
result of hormones, age, lifestyle, and some are a result of our environment. In the winter months, our
skin can become dry, cracked, and chapped due to the lack of humidity in the air both inside and

Many people assume that because the sun is not beating down on us in the winter that we are
not risking sun damage. This is not the case. The sun reflects off of the snow onto our exposed facial skin
causing premature aging. The sun reflecting combined with the cold harsh elements such as the wind, snow,
and ice cause our skin to be stripped of moisture which in turn can result in premature aging.
When our skin becomes dry in the winter, it also causes flaking and dead skin cells to build up.
Getting a professional facial can help combat this by properly exfoliating the dead skin cells off and
putting moisture back into the skin with cleansers, toners, masks, and moisturizers designed specifically
for your skin type.

It is a common mistake for people to use the same products all year round. The needs of our
skin in the summer are quite different from the needs of our skin in the winter. Therefore, it is
important for us to get professional facials all year round for optimal skin health. Your professional will
be able to analyze your skin and recommend the proper products for your specific skin care needs. Plus,
who doesn’t like to relax and leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated?

We should always take time for ourselves to better our mind, body, and soul. Getting a
professional facial is one of the many ways to do this. As they say, it is easier to prevent wrinkles than fix
them later on.

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