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What Is Eyebrow Threading and How Does it Work?

What Is Eyebrow Threading and How Does it Work

Threading is a traditional method to shape eyebrows and remove hair. It is a technique that originated in Asia however, in recent years it has become popular in Western countries because it gives precise control in creating perfect eyebrows. It is also soft on the skin.

Process of Threading

Threading is an old method of hair removal which uses threads made of cotton and blends to pull hair out of the hair follicle. The thread is wrapped around a hair follicle and then turned until the hair is pulled away to take out the hair. For threading brows specifically, this method lets the artist control the thread in order to get exact results when shaping. When you are trying to shape your brows threading can be the precise method of hair removal. It’s the most effective method to shape eyebrows. It’s comfortable and suitable for those with delicate skin. It eliminates the hair follicle to achieve long-lasting outcomes. In a threading session, the clients typically sit sitting in a recliner chair and are asked to keep the skin taut using their fingers from the top of their eyebrow upwards, and then from the eyelids down. This allows the area to be more accessible to the artist to improve the shape of the eyebrows.

Is threading your eyebrows painful?

There is a difference between yes and no. In any method of removal of hair, there will always be some discomfort. Threading, however, is not the most painful. For instance, some people find that the upper part of their eyebrows being threaded is a lot more comfortable than the lower part of their eyebrows.

Precise Final

Threading your eyebrows is, in essence, it’s all about accuracy. Since it removes every hair every time, no strays with half-grown hairs are left to linger. Additionally, threading gives you absolute control over which hairs are removed and which don’t. You can thread just one hair at a moment or one hairline to give you perfectly defined brows. 

Gentle Form Of Hair Removal

Since hair is the only thing being pulled away–and skin isn’t the only casualty that’s being yanked, the least chances of irritation. Threading is also more comfortable for delicate and acne-prone skin types If you find that waxing tends to make your eyebrows dry or red longer than you’re used to, you might find threading your eyebrows to be less invasive.

Tips For Eye Brows Threading

One should take care of these points when planning for threading:

Possibility of Redness

Threading is a more gentle option as compared to waxing. But, those who have sensitive skin are more susceptible to redness, and even irritation around the eye region. The eyebrows can turn red and pimples pop up. You can employ an ice pack to calm it. A few drops of post-threading moisturizer with a massage could lessen the swelling and redness. A facial spray post threading may help ease the discomfort and redness.

Don’t Try This at Home

If you’re already a frequent threader you’re probably already on this. However, while the pros are able to do it themselves threading, it’s not advised for you to do it yourself. Eyebrows and chin or upper lip. Not to add that if you’re adept, it could be a hassle logistically. Go to a reputable salon or brow bar to confirm that the brow technician you choose to use is trained and skilled. Check where they’ve been educated and how long they’ve been with the company, and pay attention to the level of attention your therapist shows. You might want to consider bolting to a reputable professional when they’re not speaking to them about the medical history as well as your previous cosmetic and beauty procedures, or asking if you’ve ever had threading. For your ease, you can ask to see the certificates and feel comfortable before you start threading by reading online reviews. It’s not worth the effort and discomfort, or the money to get a forehead smudge or skin infection, or both.

Remember to Work “Brow to brow”

To avoid any disappointment, in your consultation with a brownish, make sure you ask whether they can work ‘brow-to-eyebrow’. Certain brow specialists are known to finish one brow in full before moving onto the next. This can result in eyebrows that are uneven and unsymmetrical. By alternating brows, they can determine how the brows contrast with each other, leading to more well-balanced eyebrows.

Avoid Makeup

Don’t apply too much makeup prior to your appointment. Do not use any eyebrow products since they could pose a challenge to the professional. If you’re prone to tears and have a tendency to tear, you should avoid using mascara also. If you’ve got a prior commitment following your brow appointment, speak to your technician and request her to modify the makeup. In other situations, you should remove your makeup prior to your appointment.

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